2016 London Youth Championships – Check In Times

Why do check in times change?

Competition planning involves:

  1. Matching the number of fencers with the number of pistes and referees available as each competition progresses through the day. (With 10 pistes you can only have a maximum of 10 bouts going on at the same time!). There is, generally, a national shortage of referees and some referees can only ref specific weapons, so planning reduces waiting times between fights for fencers, gives referees some breaks (it takes a lot of concentration), and everyone has a nice day.
  2. To avoid queues at check in and overwhelming check in personnel, changing facilities and other services such as the Armoury and refreshment station.
  3. Avoid overloading our DT and cool Engarde program operator!
  4. So if the number of entrants is different to that which were expected or fewer referees are available than we would like, check in times have to change

Please do not ask why there are unused pistes at busy times. It is not always possible to reach maximum usage due to other constraints.

Remember, those that qualify to go on to the BYC in Sheffield in May MUST pay their BYC entry fee of £21 before leaving the venue! If you cannot go to the BYC please advise DT when results are posted so that the next on the list can be offered the opportunity. This cannot be done after the event ONLY ON THE DAY. Thankyou.

Here are the final check in times for the coming weekend.

Final check in times (changes)
Saturday Boys Girls
U12 0845 1130
U14 0900 1245
U16 1315 1230
U18 0900 1030
Sunday Boys Girls
U12 1145 1200
U14 0900 0845
U16 1145 0900
U18 1315 1145
Sunday Boys Girls
U12 1230 1345
U14 1215 1215
U16 1230 1330
U18 1430


We hope you have a safe journey to and from the venue and an enjoyable day.