London Youth Championships 2015

Entry to this Competition is now Closed. Late entries to certain age/weapon categories may be accepted. email

Some Check In times have changed. 

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Date: Men’s and Women’s Foil: Saturday, 7th February Men’s Women’s Epee and Sabre: Sunday, 8TH
Venue: Leon Paul Fencing Centre, Hendon London NW9 6AQ
Directions and maps: These can be accessed via the internet (
Closing Date:  Friday, 30th January, 2015
Organisers:  England Fencing – London Region
British Youth Championships:  This Competition is the qualifying event for the British Youth Championships which will take place on 2nd  to 4th May 2015 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.  By entering this competition, the fencer, agrees, if he or she qualifies, to represent London Region at the BYCs. If, on the day of the LYCs a fencer who has qualified knows they will be unable to attend the BYCs please tell the organisers  immediately. Their place may then be offered to the next ranking fencer.   This does not apply after the date of LYCs
Entries: Entry will be online only
Payment: Payment may be made by Credit/Debit card, PayPal or by Cheque (details of which accompany the online entry)
Entry Fee: £26.00 per fencer per weapon entered. Note: From this London Region is obliged to pay £5 to British Fencing
Late entries: Will only be accepted at the organiser’s discretion on the basis such entries do not affect the running of the event. Late entries will be subject to a fee of £35.00 per fencer per weapon.
Check in Times: A list of expected check-in and start times is available on the London Region website. These may change after the closing date.
Bye’s: Fencers who were placed  in the last 8 of the 2014 BYCs are entitled to a bye into the British Youth Championships for that weapon.They will receive an email directly from British Fencing asking if they wish to claim their bye and, if so, they will be asked to pay the entry fee to the BYCs directly to BF.Those with a bye are still entitled to enter  LYC if they wish and, no matter where they finish, it will not effect their eligibility to claim the bye.Fencers who are selected to fence for England in the Paris Marathon may apply for a bye to 2015 BYCs if they do not already have one.  They will need to enter the LYCs as normal and contact to apply for the bye.
RULES: The full rules which apply to this Competition and to the BYC Championships can be found on the British Fencing website under the heading  ‘Events’ – ‘British Youth Championships’ (
Age Brackets: The essential rules  (but the BF Rules prevail) are:
U12: Born 2003 or 2004                 U14: Born 2001 or 2002
U16: Born  1999 or 2000                U18: Born 1997 or 1998
U10 Event This competition does not include an U10 Event which will be organised separately by British Fencing.
Eligibility: Fencers can only enter this event if they are affiliated to London Region. Entry to the BYCs is by BF Membership number so it is very important that the fencer’s record on the BF database is correct and up to date including email address and affiliation
BFA Membership: All fencers must be members of British Fencing at the time of this event and at the time of the BYCs.
Blade sizes: For U12 and U14 the maximum size of blade is:  Foil – Size 3, Epee and Sabre – Size 2;In the U16 and U18 Foil Events, size 5 blades must be used and lamé bibs and mask wires are required
Qualification for BYC Finals: For every 4 fencers in a weapon per age group, 1 will qualify per four or part of 4 fencers competing. Where there are fewer than 4 fencers per weapon in an age group, all will qualify. Byes count as additional qualifiers and those with a bye who compete in the LYC are included in the number competing. Even if only two fencers enter a particular weapon in an age group, both fencers should attend the Competition to compete.
Entry Fee for BYC
This is £21 and should be paid on the date of the LYC before leaving the venue
 Equipment: Equipment must conform to BFA rules. Tracksuit bottoms/trousers will NOT be allowed. See British Fencing website
 Referees: Schools or Clubs with more than 5 entries are asked to bring at least 1 referee and notify the Organisers in advance.
Competition Format: In general, there will be one round of poules followed by Direct Elimination with all fencers promoted to the DE. In events with very small entries, the format may be amended. All poule fights are for 5 hits and 15 hits in the DE except for U12’s where the DE fights will be to 10 hits.
Parking and Catering: There is parking but it is limited. Some snacks and refreshments will be available
Badges: Specially produced London Region embroidered badges will be on sale at the event. Those who qualify for the National Finals may wish to wear the London ‘colours’ though the badges are available for anyone competing at the LYC’s to purchase
 Timetable: The list of entries and exact timings will be posted on the London Region website as soon as practicable after the closing date: (

Online Entry is Closed
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If you are entering more than six competitors on behalf of a club download this spreadsheet and follow the instructions inside.
EFLR Club Entry Sheet