LYC Check In timetable 2015

Preliminary. Subject to change.

Check In opens at 8.15

Gender Age Weapon Check In Closes Entry Numbers
Saturday 7th  [pdb_total filter=’ weapon=Foil’]
Boys U12 Foil 08:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Foil& age_category=U12′]
Boys U14 Foil 12:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Foil& age_category=U14′]
Boys U16 Foil 13:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Foil& age_category=U16′]
Boys U18 Foil 10:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Foil& age_category=U18′]
Girls U12 Foil 08:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Foil& age_category=U12′]
Girls U14 Foil 13:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Foil& age_category=U14′]
Girls U16 Foil 11:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Foil& age_category=U16′]
Girls U18 Foil  11:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Foil& age_category=U18′]
 Sunday 8th      [pdb_total filter=’weapon=Epee|weapon=Sabre’]
Boys U12 Epee 08:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Epee& age_category=U12′]
Boys U14 Epee 09:00  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Epee& age_category=U14′]
Boys U16 Epee 09:00  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Epee& age_category=U16′]
Boys U18 Epee 09:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Epee& age_category=U18′]
Girls U12 Epee 10:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Epee& age_category=U12′]
Girls U14 Epee 12:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Epee& age_category=U14′]
Girls U16 Epee 09:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Epee& age_category=U16′]
Girls U18 Epee 12:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Epee& age_category=U18′]
Boys U12 Sabre 12:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U12′]
Boys U14 Sabre 12:15  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U14′]
Boys U16 Sabre 12:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U16′]
Boys U18 Sabre 14:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=M& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U18′]
Girls U12 Sabre 13:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U12′]
Girls U14 Sabre 11:45  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U14′]
Girls U16 Sabre 13:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U16′]
Girls U18 Sabre 14:30  [pdb_total filter=’Gender=F& weapon=Sabre& age_category=U18′]

Check back the Friday before the competition for latest details and follow Facebook and Twitter for last minute updates, weather, travel or other incident warnings and advice.