Test – Home Page 1

This is a Page showing some existing and new features in WordPress. ie the ‘Message’ and ‘Paragraph’ blocks and ‘Posts’ filtered by a ‘ Content Block’

It does not show the Sidebar on the right as the Theme (which defines the overall look and feel) does not provide for that on this, a standard page.

Notice Title – Whatever you like

This is a fixed message block. The title background, text and text background can be different colours. Eg if there was a last minute change to check in times, an event change or cancellation, urgent request for referees etc. it can be like this one to draw attention. It h formatting options and Can also contain links.

Another new feature enables blocks to be hidden from view to visitors and can therefore be shown when required rather than deleting and re-typing everything

Notice Title – Whatever you like

This is a fixed message block. Just different colours. for illustration purposes

This is a standard paragraph block

This is a Heading block (In web terms these can be H1, H2 H3, etc which are indexed by search engines. This is an H2 in the default style

Using the Heading Block. This is an H3 in a modified style

This is an H4 in default style, H1 is reserved for the page or post title

The default styles of Headings is determined by the Theme but you can change the typography and colours in the block editor. But then you have to make sure all future posts are configured the same way, it cannot be set as the new default. Yet.

To make the gap above, a Spacer block has been used. Web pages automatically close gaps between paragraphs.

Below here are posts in the General News category only displayed using the WordPress supplied Content Display Block. Formatting is inherited from the theme.

The number of posts displayed can be set in the block. This one is showing the last 8

Other options are to show creation date, author, etc.. Also an Excerpt, shows a specified number of words from the text ( currently 25) with a link to Read More

and the ‘Read More’ text is editable. Clicking Read More opens the post in a new tab so that user can return to this page easily, but is optional.

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At last!  After what seems like for ever, we can get back to London Region fencing action.  And we get things rolling with a 2021 fourth quarter offer
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2019 Team Event Report

Team 2019 -Through everyone achieve MEDALS Maybe it was imagination.  Maybe it was the extra hour in bed from the clocks changing.  But the competitor
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