Test – New Results Page

This page is using the third party Post Grid block again but in three columns and 3 rows. No Extract is shown this time as it looks too messy, just the post title, but still has the Read More option

With the most recent post shown first, older posts can be viewed using the Page feature underneath.

This display is only available in the Post Grid block and not the standard WordPress Content Filter..

It would be good to have a consistent display format on the Home Page and subsidiary pages.

I have not configured a Hover display for Read More on this page

This page would appear on the site Menu as Competition Results but without the long list of competitions in a submenu. Nor would we have to add any more results pages manually to the Menu. Just publish them as Posts and click the Competition Result Category check box for them to appear on this page.

This is just a suggested design/colour scheme. We could experiment with others

With these features in place it is much easier to publish information; create a post, click a Category check box and click the Update button.

In essence the choices are, display posts in the existing style, black on white background, or go for the black on blue background, or some other colour combination.

The Headings and Message blocks can be used within posts to draw the attention of the reader, with the Spacer block to create white space, and the Hide Block function as a useful feature to bear in mind.

1 2 3 4

That’s all for now folks!