Summer 2017 Novice and Intermediate Competition

London Region N&I Open Competition – Summer 2017

Men’s and Women’s Foil, Sabre & Epee at Novice and Intermediate level.

St Benedict’s School, Marchwood Crescent, Ealing, London W5 2DZ. Closest train station Ealing Broadway (10 min walk). Several Bus Routes (65, 226, 297, E1, E2, E7, E9, E10)

DATE Sunday, 9th July 2017

Subject to confirmation after the closing date.
Foil: by 9.30am,
Sabre: 9.45,
Epee: 12.30

Open to all fencers, British or foreign, who are individual members of the BFA and15 years of age or over at 1st January 2017.

Novices: Fencers who started fencing less than 2 years ago ie From January 2015.

Intermediates: For the weapon entered, have never been in the top 50 of the men’s senior rankings, or the top 25 of the women’s senior rankings and have not reached the last 4 of any Open Competition.

You need Full/Compete level membership. You may join on line or by calling BF on 020 8742 3032.

Entry is on line through Sport80. The entry fee is £24.

Midnight Sunday 2nd July 2017. Late entry at £34 may be permitted until Wednesday 5th July.

Novice fencers can choose between Novice or Intermediate events, but not both. There will be separate men’s and women’s competitions. All competitions will start with poules, and all fencers will be promoted to the Direct Elimination stages of their event. The aim of the event is to maximise the amount of fencing so fencers of different experience and gender will be mixed in the poules. DE will be split male/female and Novice/Intermediate.

The organisers reserve the right to change the formula to assist the smooth running of the competition and to improve the experience for the participants. If there are fencers who wish to enter more than one weapon we will make arrangements, if practicable, on the day.

EQUIPMENT (Minimum standard)
•350 Newton jacket and breeches
•800 Newton plastron
•Mask with a conductive bib
•800 Newton sabre glove

Refreshments hot and cold drinks, rolls and snacks will be available. Please note that there are no shops nearby
An armoury repair service will be available.
Contact Hazel Herbert 07964 176450

DISCLAIMER: The organisers, “London Region Fencing”, and its officers, can accept no responsibility for any loss of equipment/property, damage to persons or property. Fencers must arm, equip and clothe themselves at their own responsibility and risk. The competition will use electric equipment throughout and be run by the direct elimination system and in accordance with BFA safety guidelines. Clothing and equipment must conform to BFA rules. Plastrons, breeches etc are obligatory. Fencers failing to adhere to these rules will not be permitted to compete, nor will their fees be refunded. The organisers reserve the right to change the organisation and running of the competition for efficiency and safety reasons

OnLine Entry – Login to Sport80