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London Region’s CAPITAL OPEN – Saturday 2nd December 2017

A date for your diary for London Region’ first CAPITAL OPEN. A 6 weapon contest open to fencers throughout the UK and beyond. Saturday 2nd December 2017 at SportsDock. Full details here . Entry now open.

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London Region 2017 Summer Novice and Intermediate Competition

This event will be held on 9th July 2017 at St Benedicts School Ealing. Full details of the competition are here
Entry via Sport80 now open
Prizes for winners in each category are free entry to the next London Region Novice and Intermediate Competition or to London Region’s CAPITAL OPEN
To download a flyer for display at your club clickNotice N& Summer 2017

LRYC 2017 Results

There were 270 entrants this year up from 193 in 2016

Those highlighted in yellow have qualified for BYC 2017

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Lim Li Leo ZFW Fencing Club
2 Savickas Samuelis Allez Fencing Bye
3 Luc Wai Hung Newham Swords
3 Mazzocchi Ludovico Sussex House Fencing Club
5 Partridge-Hicks Griffin Sussex House Fencing Club
6 Thompson Alastair Sussex House Fencing Club
7 Amore Julian Sussex House Fencing Club
8 Beardmore-Esteban Sebastian St Benedicts
9 Lee Taymour Sussex House Fencing Club
10 Ryan Cosimo Sussex House Fencing Club
11 Campbell – Yates Indio Fencers Club London
12 King Kit Camden Fencing Club
13 Shelmerdine Dexter  St Benedicts
14 Mewawalla Sam Fencers Club London
15 Heathcoat Amory Isaac Sussex House Fencing Club Bye
16 adham Asher ZFW Fencing Club
17 Small Freddie Sussex House Fencing Club
18 Hajjar Rafael Escrime Academy
19 Healy Sacha Salle Paul Fencing Club
20 zimmermann oscar Escrime Academy
21 Lawson Sebastian St Benedicts
22 Vaughan Christopher St Benedicts
23 Bouhadana Noam Escrime Academy
24 Benson Paul St Benedicts
25 Prineas John Bromley Fencing Club
26 Vallat Bertie Sussex House Fencing Club
27 Overy-Jones Ollie  St Benedicts
28 Salas Kyrian Camden Fencing Club
29 De Sanctis Gabriele Unattached
30 Henkell von Ribbentrop Phillip Sussex House Fencing Club
32 Clement-Davies Louis Unattached
33 Downing Oliver Salle Boston
34 mohaupt lucas Camden Fencing Club

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Rhys Pollitt Rafael Fencers Club London Bye
2 Lappas-Neumann Philip St Benedicts
3 Mascioli Alberto St Benedicts
3 Strange Oliver  Salle Paul Fencing Club
5 Stenbeck-Schiavo Dario ZFW Fencing Club
6 Tarnai Carlo ZFW Fencing Club
7 Kolas Shalang Salle Paul Fencing Club
8 Wills George Sussex House Fencing Club
9 Fuschillo Rocco ZFW Fencing Club
10 Healy Louis Salle Paul Fencing Club
11 Curwen Mungo Salle Boston
12 Mills Arthur Sussex House Fencing Club
13 Zazo Ethan ZFW Fencing Club
14 TAN Garrett Salle Boston
15 AL-MOHSIN ALI Salle Paul Fencing Club
16 El-Saie Zayd ZFW Fencing Club
17 Kaaki Annas Salle Boston
18 Pigorini Pablo Sussex House Fencing Club
19 Church Charles Sussex House Fencing Club
20 Stewart Callan St Benedicts
21 Jurdevic Thomas Sussex House Fencing Club
22 Joumblat Rayan Escrime Academy
Non fencing bye
Sachee Hassan Salle Paul Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Plastow Luca Salle Boston
2 Guennou Louis Escrime Academy
3 Ashby Duncan St Benedicts
4 Baigneres Jean-Baptiste Camden Fencing Club Bye
5 McDonald Joseph St Benedicts
6 TAN Gerald Salle Boston
7 Ricard Jules Escrime Academy
8 Graham Finlay Unattached
9 PATEL RAHUL Cobham Fencing Club
10 Evgenev Mark Unattached
11 McKinlay Samuel Camden Fencing Club
12 Boucher-Rowe Avery Salle Boston
13 Decaudaveine Louis Camden Fencing Club
14 Purdy Ted Fencers Club London
15 Lindfield Sean Fencers Club London
16 downer Christian St Benedicts
17 Kassouf Elias St Benedicts
18 Pham Dan Fencers Club London
Plus non fencing Byes
Campbell Yates Tiger Fencers Club London Bye
GILL Alessandro Finchley Foil Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Jerome Matthew Salle Boston
2 Fusai Niccolo Salle Eton Fencing Club
3 Cottrell-Kirby Gabriel Saxon Fencing Club
3 Mehran Rafi St Benedicts
5 O’Brien Lorcan St Benedicts
Plus non Fencing Byes
Abrahams Matthew ZFW Fencing Club Bye
ASHBY Douggie St Benedicts Bye
Stezaker Benjamin Salle Paul Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Ryder-Garcia Lauren  Newham Swords
2 DeLucy McKeeve Trinity The Fencing School
3 Hall Elfreda Salle Boston
3 long eleonore Sussex House Fencing Club
5 Wills Zoe Sussex House Fencing Club
6 Genieser Matilda Sussex House Fencing Club Bye
7 Hurel Bertille Escrime Academy
8 Waring Sofia Escrime Academy
9 Waller Lyla Streatham Fencing Club
10 Yanicelli B.B. The Fencing School
11 Llorens Daniela Unattached

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Macey Charlotte Salle Paul Fencing Club
2 Middleton Amelia Salle Paul Fencing Club
3 Cottrell Kirby Francesca Saxon Fencing Club
3 Lawson Angelica St Benedicts
5 Castillo-Bernaus Katie Garden House Fencing Club
6 Clouard Amber Escrime Academy
7 Vaughan Amy St Benedicts
8 Basak Defne Battersea Foil
9 Hajithomas Alani Escrime Academy
10 Jerome Elizabeth Salle Boston
11 Duc Portet Charlotte Escrime Academy
12 Freillat Lauren Escrime Academy
13 Downer Isabella St Benedicts
14 Yanicelli Sloane Battersea Foil
15 Chen Jolie City Of London School For Girls

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Russo Costanza Salle Boston
2 Gavaudan Manon Escrime Academy
3 Baldwin Elinor Unattached
3 Herrick Anna Fencers Club London
5 Quirke-Bakradze Nano St Benedicts
6 Herrick Lucinda Fencers Club London
7 Llinares Irene St Benedicts
8 Gorst Hannah City Of London School For Girls
Plus non fencing bye
Mond Amanda Newham Swords Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Da Silva Fernanda St Benedicts
2 Nimalakumaran Saumiyaah City Of London School For Girls
Plus non fencing Bye
BABAEVA Sevil Escrime Academy Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Zakrevsky Daniel Chelsea Fencing Club
2 Nicholas Thomas Chelsea Fencing Club
3 Bianchi Niccolo Chelsea Fencing Club
3 Strickland Luca Chelsea Fencing Club
5 Palano Davide Escrime Academy
6 Mardin Altan Unattached Bye
7 Degorce Raphael Academie D’Escrime
8 Jameson Orlando Knightsbridge Fencing Club
9 Barrett-Hay Tai Brixton Fencing Club
10 de Marmiés Alexandre Chelsea Fencing Club
11 Meyer Paul Escrime Academy
12 Cullinane Jonathan Central London Fencing Club
13 Evgenev Lucas Chelsea Fencing Club
14 Castejon Giulio Escrime Academy
15 McLean Pierre Brixton Fencing Club
16 Garuzzo Giorgio Vittorio Academie D’Escrime
17 Agrenich Joseph Haverstock Fencing Club
18 Limerick Amias Central London Fencing Club
19 Partridge-Hicks Griffin Unattached
Plus non fencing Byes
Brooke Alec Knightsbridge Fencing Club Bye
Giurlani Gastone Central London Fencing Club Bye


Place Surname Forename Club
1 Mardin Ismail Knightsbridge Fencing Club
2 Berry Tobias Knightsbridge Fencing Club
3 Levi Renzo Chelsea Fencing Club
3 Patton Tom Brixton Fencing Club
5 Cullinane Rupert Central London Fencing Club
6 Farnsworth Muhammed Dream Fencing Club
7 Castelli Marco Escrime Academy
8 Pelletier Martin Central London Fencing Club
9 Aubakirov Yermek Central London Fencing Club
10 de Marmiés Andreas Chelsea Fencing Club
11 Farnsworth Ibraheem Dream Fencing Club Bye
12 Mount Archie Haverstock Fencing Club
13 Meriem Issam Escrime Academy
14 Min Marcus Chelsea Fencing Club
15 Pringot Paul Haverstock Fencing Club
16 Beatson Stirling Haverstock Fencing Club
17 Ricard Luca Escrime Academy


Place Surname Forename Club
1 Truuvert Alexander Haverstock Fencing Club
2 Evgenev Mark Unattached
3 LINGAJOTHY Malvin Unattached
3 Tidmarsh Leo Brixton Fencing Club
4 TEZIER VICTOR Escrime Academy
Plus non fencing Bye
Pallud Matthieu Leon Paul Epee Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Belot Antoine Escrime Academy Bye
2 McLean Jacques Brixton Fencing Club
3 Farmanfarmaian David Brixton Fencing Club
3 Stepinac Maxim Academie D’Escrime

Place Surname Forename Club
1 LeBor Hannah Unattached
2 Min Magnolia Chelsea Fencing Club Bye
3 Crawford-Brunt Claudia Unattached
3 LOO ELEANOR Knightsbridge Fencing Club Bye
5 Suresh Zoya Central London Fencing Club Bye
6 Laundon Amber Chelsea Fencing Club
7 LARBI RAYHANA Escrime Academy
8 Hall Imogen Haverstock Fencing Club
9 Della Ragione Stella Chelsea Fencing Club
10 Soor Chitleen Chelsea Fencing Club Bye
11 Ryder-Garcia Lauren  Newham Swords
12 Hurel Bertille Escrime Academy
13 Kissin Charlotte Escrime Academy
14 Dixon Leonie Chelsea Fencing Club
15 lumineau juliet Central London Fencing Club
16 Assuied Elsa Escrime Academy
17 McCoy Kaitlyn Queens Gate School Fencing Club
18 Pesciarelli Elena Kensington Fencing Club
19 Flitti Yara Escrime Academy
20 Curran Ciara Escrime Academy
21 Le Guen Sophie Escrime Academy
22 Mamon Isabella Escrime Academy


Place Surname Forename Club
1 Krzyzaniak Patrycja Chelsea Fencing Club
2 Shahenshah Carlotta Knightsbridge Fencing Club Bye
3 Caron Julia Chelsea Fencing Club Bye
3 Crawford-Brunt Maria Unattached
5 McCoy Olivia Unattached
6 Pedler Erin Brixton Fencing Club
7 Bourrette Eugenie Escrime Academy
8 Selvaggi Ludovica Chelsea Fencing Club
9 Albersmeier Vanessa Escrime Academy
10 Potter Crinan Chelsea Fencing Club Bye
11 Strickland Mia Chelsea Fencing Club
Plus non fencing Bye
Kalimtgis Sophia Knightsbridge Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Chung-Halpern Ines Chelsea Fencing Club
2 Tidmarsh Kate Brixton Fencing Club
Plus non fencing Bye
Louis Avery Knightsbridge Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Palano Elena Escrime Academy
2 Farmanfarmaian Ariana Brixton Fencing Club
3 Baptiste Halliday Mercedes Brixton Fencing Club
3 Mulkeen Anna May Leon Paul Epee

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Fasanya Cosmo Unattached
2 Lambe Thompson Frankie Camden Fencing Club
3 Lawal Amari North London Sabre Club
4 Pearce Magnus Camden Fencing Club
5 sykes sidney Camden Fencing Club

Place Surname Forename Club
1 BORRETT Tom Unattached
2 Miranda Joel North London Sabre Club
3 Blanchet Emile Camden Fencing Club
3 Duprez Luigi Escrime Academy
5 Amatino Mattheos North London Sabre Club

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Achkar Lucas Escrime Academy
2 Preston-Cowell Jack Camden Fencing Club
3 Hyams Tulliver Camden Fencing Club
3 Springett Lochie Camden Fencing Club
5 Gailly de Taurines Jean Edouard Escrime Academy
6 Furlong Aiken Unattached
7 yusuf suleman North London Sabre Club
Plus non fencing Bye
MCDONNELL Kajetan Camden Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Paffett Harry Camden Fencing Club
2 Klein Zachary Camden Fencing Club
3 Hall James Camden Fencing Club
3 Omoboriowo Mark Camden Fencing Club
5 Tuck Alex Unattached
Plus non fencing Byes
Rooney Samuel Escrime Academy Bye
Puljic Asim Camden Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 yusuf ariana North London Sabre Club
Plus non fencing Bye
Yang Linxuan Camden Fencing Club Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 dieu carla Escrime Academy
2 DERRIEN MARGOT Escrime Academy

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Khan Aneesah North London Sabre Club
2 Yang Sophia Camden Fencing Club
3 Joseph India Escrime Academy
3 Rooney Juliette Escrime Academy
5 Dane-Liebesny Ella Camden Fencing Club
Plus non fencing Bye
YANG Lumeng Camden Fencing Club  Bye

Place Surname Forename Club
1 Khan Zahra North London Sabre Club

Winter Novice and Intermediate Results

The results of the Winter Novice and Intermediate Competition on 29th January are now available here
The Summer N&I will be on 9th July. Full details available soon

London Region to host All weapon Team Competition

Men’s, Women’s & Mixed – Foil, Epee, and Sabre Teams

 On 27th November 2016

London Region will be holding an all weapon Open event offering a sociable day’s fencing competition for men’s, women’s and mixed teams.  It’s open to all, medals will be awarded to category winners in Foil, Epee, and Sabre.

Details here

#lrteam16 #gbfencing

London Region N&I Summer 2016 Results

Considering the sporting competition on this day (Euro 16 Finals and Wimbledon…) we had a turnout 45 fencers, an increase on Summer 2015, which was very pleasing. The comp went well and finished by 5.30.

Thanks for your support. There should be some pictures soon!

The organisers were:

  • Sandy Sandford, Chairman and awards Presenter
  • Caroline Woollard, location booking, referee hunter, set up and catering,
  • Hazel Herbert, Competition Planning, referee hunter, Engarde operator, DE
  • Christopher Sandford, Assistant DE/Announcer
  • Rosemary Gilmour, Check In
  • Andrew Nisbet, website and armoury
  • Len Harris, medal procurement
  • Big thanks from London Region to St Benedict’s School and Denis Cranwell for helping with the event, lending their scoring boxes and helping with the refereeing and to all the referees who were just as essential to the success of the competition.

The competition format was two rounds of pools followed by DE giving plenty of fencing.

Our next event will be a Team N&I in November ’16.

Mens Novice Foil

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 3   THORN   Thomas      MORLEY BLADES 

Mens Intermediate Foil

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1   LIM   Matthew      NEWHAM SWORDS 
 2   WOOD   Stephen      MORLEY BLADES 
 3   SPEERS   Garrett      EGHAM FENCING CLUB 
 3   YOUNG   Austin Robert      HILLINGDON MUSKETEERS 

Womens Novice Foil

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Womens Intermediate Foil

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club


Mens Novice Epee

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Mens Intermediate Epee

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Womens Novice Epee

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Womens Intermediate Epee

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  Farmanfarmaian  Ariana    Brixton Fencing Club

Mens Novice Sabre

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Mens Intermediate Sabre

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club

Womens Novice Sabre

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  Evans  Candida    Shakespeares Swords

Womens Intermediate Sabre

 Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  Ashmore-Harris  Candice    Kings College/London Fencing Club