2015 London Novice and Intermediate Results

A great day fencing in quite benign weather conditions. Thank you for the kind comments received. Here are a few:

“Many thanks for organising and all the hard work that goes with it today-really enjoyed it.”

“An enjoyable Sabre competition”

“My first ever fencing competition”

“Thanks for organising the event. I thoroughly enjoyed it.“

“When is the next one?!”  (We are working on a date for early next year)

For those who asked the organisers were:

  • Caroline, location booking, referee hunter, set up, check in and catering,
  • Hazel, Competition Planning, referee hunter, Engarde operator
  • Andrew, website and armoury (and reluctant ref)
  • Alistair, chairman gluing it all together.
  • Many thanks to Tony Conyard for assistance with set up and to all the referees who were just as essential to the success of the competition
  • Big thanks from London Region to St Benedict’s School for helping with the event, lending us all their scoring boxes and helping with the refereeing.

There were 40 fencers on the day with two rounds of pools followed by DE.

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Novice Mens Foil

Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  Ossola  Gregorio  CLFC
 2  Woollard  Nick  SALLE PAUL
 3  Crees  Chris  SALLE PAUL
 3  Haley  Stephen  Fighting Fit
 5  Thorn  Thomas  Morley Blades

Intermediate Mens Foil

Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  Wylie  Ali  INVICTA
 2  BEX  Michael  SALLE PAUL
 3  Conyard  Anthony  SALLE PAUL
 3  Fazakerley  Henry  BLACKHEATH
 5  Kneller  James  UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
 6  Young  Austin  HILLINGDON
 7  Harrington-Johnson  Dale  FIGHTING FIT
 8  Bateman  Conor  HILLINGDON
 9  Manthorpe  Keith  HILLINGDON
 10  Jones  William  HILLINGDON
 11  Wood  Stephen  Morley Blades

 Novice Womens Foil

Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 1  GRAY  Amanda  SALLE PAUL
 3  ZAGARIA  Martina  OXFORD

 Novice Epee

Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 6  CZAP  Agata    UCLU

Being the only woman, Agata was presented with the Gold Womens Epee medal.

Intermediate Mens Epee

Ranking  Name  First name  Country  Club
 2  MICKLEM  Christopher  WIMBLEDON

 Novice Sabre Results

1       Akshay Khanna       UL

2       David McDougall    Camden

Intermediate Sabre Results

1       Daniel Lwanzambi             City Fencing Club

2       Pawel Zakiewicz                 Wimbledon