Cutlers’ Hall, home to The Worshipful Company of Cutlers who were awarded their Charter by Henry V in 1416, has been home to London Region Fencing’s quarterly ‘board’ meetings for the last 3 years too.  It’s given us a great sense of stability, endorsement, and focus for what we try to do.  And when the Cutlers invited us to be a part of their ‘London Open House’ event on 21 September we jumped at the chance.  It offered us the rare opportunity to promote fencing to people who’ve never experienced, maybe never even thought about, fencing before.  

We built our story round fencing “In Our History & Culture”, “In Our Fantasy & Fiction”, and “In Our Community”.  Three screens of PowerPoint and video presentations were backed up with ‘touch and try’ kit and weapons, and ‘poster’ displays of some of London’s many successful fencers on the British, European, and World stage.  This led on to the opportunity for visitors to experience a mini have-a-go session or watch a splendid fencing display by coach Andrew Nisbet and one of London’s up and coming young fencers, Harry Roberts.  And to round everything off, a London Region ‘flyer’ explaining what we do, why fencing’s a brilliant sport and who it’s for, and giving access details and QR codes for ‘Find a Club’ facilities on the LRF and BF websites.

We were in great company throughout and across the day the footfall was fantastic, with over 1200 members of the public getting exposure to our sport.  Interest and engagement were high.  Even Cutlers’ Assistant Clerk had a go.  And feedback was positive.  So let’s hope over time it converts to some new faces at London club’s beginner sessions.  In the meantime, you might like to have a look below at some of the ‘snaps’ we shot in our spare moments (which weren’t very many!).  Or go to the Worshipful Company of Cutlers’ website to get their take on the whole day.