London Region’s CAPITAL OPEN On Target

With more and more of the big Opens seeming to have disappeared from the calendar, London Region chooses to buck the trend and launch a new event to grow to fill the gap.

Scroll forward to Saturday 2 December, East London, and around a hundred fencers descend on Sportsdock for the first ever ‘London Region CAPITAL OPEN’. From as far as Truro, Dublin and Paris they come, each looking to top the tableau in one of the 6 weapon contests.

With a full team of experienced referees on hand from the get-go there’s absolutely no self-refereeing: every fencer’s able to concentrate entirely on their own game.

There’s some spare piste capacity too, so we run a Plate competition for the largest weapon, Mens Foil, and it’s well received by those knocked out in the first DE’s. In fact everything seems well received.

Hundreds of energetic matches, seven exciting finals, and seven awards presentations later, we start to head home. Fencers and organisers alike are tired. But we all seem happy-tired. And from the smiles and positive comments throughout the day it looks like things have gone pretty well for this, the inaugural event.

 So thanks to all who took part. We hope you had a good time. We hope you’ll come back next year. And we hope you’ll spread the word that the CAPITAL OPEN is a capital event in more than just its name.

In the meantime you might like to check the gallery to see whether you’re in one of the pics. And if you have others you’d like to send us we’ll try to put some of them up