Winton Veterans Team 2015

The Veteran Winton Cup was held in the Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre, Shropshire, early September 2015

The London team line up was:

Men’s épée: Mark Richardson, Peet Sasaki, Claude Haller
Women’s épée: Jacqueline Hibbert, Helen Thouless, Janet Cooksey
Men’s foil: Kenny Jones, Graham Paul, Berl Goldbart
Women’s foil: Janet Perkins, Catiusha Lupinetti, Amanda Gray
Men’s sabre: Kamal Yasin, Kevin Alexander, Layton Reid
Women’s sabre: Annaick Dulac, Virginie Ellul

The team came 8th overall but had a great weekend. Anyone wishing to be considered for the 2016 comp can register their interest through