2019 Team Event Report

Team 2019 -Through everyone achieve MEDALS

Maybe it was imagination.  Maybe it was the extra hour in bed from the clocks changing.  But the competitors seemed somehow more awake than normal at Sunday morning check-in for our All Weapon Team Competition, Sunday 27 October at St Benedict’s, Ealing.  And most were early, even those from Canterbury, Leicester, Oxford and Nottingham.

Twenty-five teams entered.  Would’ve been twenty-six if we’d been able to match individuals keen to fence but lacking team mates.  It’s something we’ll explore next time.  One team scratched with illness.  Northampton scratched with a Saturday pm puncture they couldn’t get fixed.  So, twenty-three intrepid teams made it to the piste for a day’s fun fencing. 

They fought through the day in a varied programme of short format matches to fifteen points and full-format fights to forty-five.  Some fought ‘till their legs turned to jelly.  Some fought beyond that.  They certainly earnt their medals.  But no matter the tiredness, they were still smiling when they left.  Or was it cramp?  No!  They were still smiling.  Take a look at the photo gallery below and you’ll see for yourself.  And if you want to check the results, go here